North Park Community Garden becomes the site of the Life:Reflect:2020. 

This FREE text-based installation gives you an opportunity to reflect on the last few months and their impact on you, your family and friends.  It also encourages you to reimagine what comes next.  Take some time out to reflect and reimagine. 

The installation is on the railings of the Community Garden and is accessible at any time.  It is a joint project with The Gateway Collective. July - September 2020

Life is a collection of 23 images selected from over 60 photographs taken over the

last 5 years or so.  Each scene, text or image resonated with the photographer at the time, in such a way that he wanted to capture them for part of his reflective journey.  Each image is used regularly by the photographer in his own periods of quiet reflection, where he uses them to challenge his current lifestyle.  North Park Community Garden now becomes a simple space for you to journey with the images to see if they resonate with you and your own life.  There is a chance for you to respond to the exhibition before you leave. Saturday 10th August 2019 - North Park Community Garden Bootle.