What if I dream wilder.

I’ve been an admirer of Strange Ghost for a number of years now and one of their latest songs Wilder has really captured my imagination. One of the lines says,

“Got to dream wilder.”

I was thinking about this line when I remembered a photo I had taken in Bootle last year during Lockdown 2. The words written on the wall simply said, “What if...”

I began thinking some more and put these two powerful statements together.

What if I dream wilder.

What would those dream wilder scenarios look like?

What change do I dream of?

What if I dream wilder about my community here in Bootle. What would Bootle look like in that dream wilder state?

Do we ever pause, take time to reflect and ask that question, “What if...?” Have we ever allowed ourselves even for a few moments to dream wilder?

What do you think would happen if we all took just one situation that is important to us and said, “What if I dream wilder?”

History is littered with people who have both asked and answered that question.

What about you and me? What if I dream wilder? What if you dream wilder?

Just imagine.

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