I remember at the end of December 2017, while I was in Krakow, thinking that I needed to treat each day as though it was my last. If I’m honest, I didn’t react positively to it at first until I began to see that there was a deeper meaning that wasn’t initially apparent. As I reflected, I began to see that it wasn’t a negative, it was actually something to be embraced and a prompting to look at the day through a new lens.

The phrase has journeyed with me every since, ebbing and flowing in my consciousness.

It has again come to the fore as I continue to make my way through The Artist’s Way. It comes as a daily challenge.

On the one hand I look back at my life over say the last 10 years or so and see all the wasted opportunities. I also look forward in hope to the start of a post COVID existence. There seems to be that constant tension and today, what’s happening right now, can easily get lost in the mental gymnastics.

I have recently created a piece of video that I use first thing in the morning to reorientate myself to my creator. One of the sections is about today. I need to make the most of every opportunity. I am reminded of Ephesians 5 in the Message Translation which invites me, encourages me to, “Make the most of every chance I get”. I ask for help and guidance for today as I’m aware of so much to do with what seems like so little time. Aware of my own frailties I ask for the strength to do what needs to be done in that day. Finally I ask that I may engage with my creator and the people that surround me.

Do I find it hard. Most definitely.

But I know that today has never been before, nor will it be repeated, and it is in my hands to embrace it, to live it, to love it, to enjoy it, reflect on it, enjoy the pause, enjoy the moment, embrace the change, the sadness, the happiness, the mystery and the questions because when that day has gone, it has gone.

I am taking faltering steps towards living each day as though it was my last, not in a negative way, but with a sense of optimism and anticipation of what each day may bring.

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