The start of my blogging journey.

It all started with Jonny Baker and the Creativity Zooms he did in January 2021. One of the panelists in week one was Catherine Pearson. She just mentioned in passing The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and something clicked inside. I mentioned the book to my wife and we quickly purchased a copy each.

It was in the first week that I began to wrestle with my desire and need to collaborate. If I’m honest it hadn’t been successful at all and actually was turning out to be a negative pursuit.

I’m not too sure how it happened, but in that same week, I began to explore the idea of journey instead of collaboration. As I did that I realised that I had been really setting myself up for failure. Thinking about it rationally it didn’t make sense. I was hopefully meeting random people and effectively going, “I don’t really know you or your practice or your journey, but would you like to collaborate?” I’m guessing that there may have been a chance that a person might have said yes, but actually that would be pretty slim. What a wrong mindset I’d allowed myself to accept. Suddenly journey seemed to make more sense and it was the direction of travel that I had been looking for, but didn’t realise.

Journeying was the way forward for me. I started again with Instagram (having deleted my first account) and began to be a little more deliberate in my practice. I watched “It’s Jonny Keeley’s“ 13 Instagram tips for photographers. One of his key points was to share your story. That somehow resonated with me.

I was chatting about this with my wife and she suggested I try a blog. Six months ago, the answer would have been no, but under the “influence” of the Artist’s Way, I decided to start the cunning plan.

The more I thought about it the more I realised that this actually was about my journey. A way to explore what was going on in my head, just like the Morning Pages exercise is doing right now. The blog was primarily about my journey and my process and my discipline. The publishing was definitely secondary and it was “out-there” to be shared with others, possibly for encouragement, but also to see if others had the same direction of travel as me and whether there was value in sharing that journey together in some way.

Who knows?

The plan and the discipline is to try and blog once a week. To take one part of my journey and explore it. If it resonates with someone then great. If it‘s just for me. Great too.

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