The Bird Feeder

Recently I got a bird feeder for my yard. I live in a town where most of the older houses (like the one we are renting) have yards and I’ve only seen a Dunnock (once), a young Pied Wagtail that would come most afternoons, but I haven’t seen him or her for ages, and a Magpie walking along the top of the wall.

The feeder has been up for a few weeks now and I am regularly checking every day to see my first sighting of a bird that has somehow found my little cafe.

I’m not sure how that’s supposed to happen. Is it magic? How will the bird know? Am I praying for a pioneering bird who thinks out the box to come from the park a few streets away? Who know’s how they will come and if they will come at all.

So in the mean time I wait.

In looking regularly at the bird feeder swaying gently in the breeze, I’ve felt that gentle poke and prod of the Holy Spirit. There’s something reflective and spiritual in that looking day in and day out. Waiting for something to happen, longing for something to happen, but not really sure how that first bird will actually arrive.

As the days go bye, does my hope diminish or do I remain every hopeful? What will happen, if after 4 weeks there still is no sign of a bird? Is it that the birds are coming but I don’t actually see them. Do I have to see it to believe it?

I wonder what other things I’ll learn sitting waiting and watching my bird feeder for the first bird to arrive.

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