In my last blog, Experience, I talked about journeying with Charlie Peacock and how a song I heard around thirty years ago is still relevant and bringing me life today.

The same goes for the DVD Shells, from the Nooma series, by Rob Bell which I came across around fifteen years ago.

The essence of the piece and my first takeaway is that we have these God given energies and these energies need to used for the one or the few things that we’re called or destined to do.

This is beautifully expressed in Ephesians 2 v 10 from the Message.

He creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join him in the work he does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing.

I’ve known for five or so years what I believe that is: to seek Him and then give others opportunities to do the same. However, if I’m honest, I haven’t followed the path that I should have.

But I feel that during the pandemic this has begun to change for me. Slowly but surely. Faltering step after faltering step.

This is where the second takeaway comes in and the phrase that has resonated with me the most over these fifteen or so years.

In the pursuit of a simple, disciplined, focused life. Even typing it now, something resonates deep within my being.

To fulfil that one thing demands a simple life.

In a few months time my wife and I are going to be starting to look to buy a house and in the interim we’re going to be going through all our “stuff” and giving away all the things we don’t need, so that when we move, we do so with only what we need. I’ve just watched Less is Now by The Minimalists and they have inspired me to pursue that simple life. I’ve just started in my work area, throwing away paperwork from ten years ago that’s no longer needed. It feels like an act of worship.

I’m journeying with a disciplined life too.

As I mentioned in my blog, Jack the Dog, I’m working on a meditation that runs on a two hour loop, and chimes with a phrase every fifteen minutes to draw me back to God. I’m using it while I’m writing this blog. I get distracted so easily, with good, legitimate stuff, and hours go bye before I reconnect with my creator. I’m being deliberate and prioritising time each day when I pray and reconnect. I used to see discipline as a negative word. Now I see that it can be life giving.

Finally I’m journeying with a focused life.

These last four or so months have really been pivotal in me focusing on the one thing that I believe God has asked me to do. I’m not sure how seeking God and giving others a chance to seek in a creative and reflective way works but as I said to a group of people on Zoom recently. It is just something that I have to do. It’s the one thing.

As the children in the UK start to go back to school after Lockdown 3, I’m not sure what grade I would get in my pursuit of a simple, disciplined, focused, life, but it’s a work in progress, a journey, a calling, a vocation, a path I have to walk.

If you were asked to say what is the one or few things that you’re called, destined, empowered, drawn to do. Would you be able to answer? I suggest you watch Shells. It may just help.

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