Jack the dog

My brother in law and sister in law have a lovely dog called Jack. He has been to dog training lessons and is very obedient and great at following commands. There is one command that has really captured my imagination and that is the word “touch”. Jack can be anywhere, but when he hears the command “touch” he will return to one of them and touch their hand.

It’s a way of reconnection between him and them.

This concept of reconnecting has developed in me an interest in the canonical hours (offices or daily or divine offices) and how that could relate to my daily journey of reflection. I’m just about to start creating a meditation that combines the idea of the canonical hours and Jack’s command to “touch”.

I have my set times that I read and pray each day but I’m really conscious that long periods of time can pass without me reconnecting back to my creator and it’s my heart’s desire to change that.

It’s really simple in design.

On a given time period (say every 15 minutes) there will be a gentle piece of music that draws me away from whatever I’m doing. A word or phrase is spoken, such as pause, praise, worship, in need, become aware of God’s presence. I then take a moment to reflect on that word, reconnect with my creator, and then return gently to whatever I’m doing. The file will just play in the background on my iPhone. I’m thinking of creating a 2 hour loop.

As Brother Lawrence would say, I’m trying to “practice the presence of God”.

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