Every last drop

I’ve really been thinking again about TODAY. It’s at the forefront of my mind. I’m becoming increasingly aware of the need to focus on this day and to be intentional about it.

I’m trying not to fret over yesterday or worry about tomorrow, but simply trying to “be present” in this moment.

I’ve created a new meditation that guides me to prayerfully engage with the day ahead. It’s not complicated, just simply listing all the tasks, jobs, people and opportunities that await me in the coming hours. Then I simply give them all to God and ask.

Lord, help me to be intentional, to live in this moment. May I be aware of you, those around me and the situations that present themselves. May I see provocations as positive possibilities. May I accept your invitation to be with you today. May I ask for your help, desire your help and your direction, may I be aware of my desperate need for you. Help me to commune more with you today. Lord may I have your wisdom, guidance, direction and clarity. Lord gently nudge me so I waste less time. Please guide me away from the inevitable dead ends.

I’m also conscious of the people that I will meet. Help me to recognise that this time with them, however brief that may be, is precious. Help me to enjoy these moments. Help me to cherish them more than I have done before. Let me see them as treasured moments, gifts, blessings, times for me to encourage and to be encouraged. A time to grow.

Help me to use my time wisely and efficiently even if that means that I relax, rest and seem to “do” very little. Help me to enjoy the moments I have with you. To pause, to reflect, to be inspired, to relish this time. Help me to become more intentional, more present in the day, than ever before. Help me to always be looking for you, trying to find where you are, and then joining you.

This is such a precious day. Nothing like it has happened, nor will it be repeated in the future. It is unique, like you.

May I squeeze out every last drop of this day, and may my last words before sleep, be words of thanks.

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